Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchases & Refunds

If your payment has not been successful please check with your relevant Banking institution. If you are experiencing difficulties completing a payment via PayPal please contact us directly in order to process payment or assist.
In order to receive a refund you must contact us directly on citing your details and payment and reason for refund. We will reply in due course regarding your query and status of refund.
From time to time we will publish coupon codes offer discounts on our courses. Once you have added your selected courses to your Cart you will see an option at Checkout where you can type in the coupon code provided in order to receive discount.

Making Courses

To change your Account name or details, please login using your current username/email and password. Once logged in you will be able to edit your current display name and other account details.
To change your password you must login using the login link at the top of our site. After logging in with your current details you will see an option to change your current password. If you have difficulties changing your password please feel free to get in touch.
Once you have paid for an online course it can take some time for details to propagate. If you cannot see your courses online after purchase, please wait until you have received email confirming your enrolment. If you still cannot see your course after receiving confirmation, please contact us directly on for assistance.